Want to rent a car abroad? Keep in mind the following aspects

Are you considering a car rental abroad for a self drive holiday and would you like to book your car on the internet? How to avoid unpleasant surprises? If the internet has multiplied the potential offers, it is the same for the problems and disappointments! Here are practical tips for renting your car cheap abroad or at least the best value for money depending on your needs in terms of guarantees, options and insurance.

How to rent a cheap car?

Renting a cheap car is possible especially by booking on the internet, but the web does not always guarantee a car at the best price. On the other hand, the variety of the offer makes it possible to find one’s provider by taking the time well to consult the terms of the sale before the reservation and the contract. It is common that an offer without possibility of cancellation is much cheaper than if the cancellation is possible until the last moment without expenses. Everything is variable in reality. The problems with car rentals have increased considerably with the generalization of search engines that can be found on this or that generalist or specialized online magazine or on the websites of retailers, price comparators and multi booking centers.

Identify the service you will use

Are you dealing with a car rental agency directly or an intermediary? What differences? Remember to check what type of renting you make the transaction. An intermediate booking center has no responsibility in case of problems and you will have to settle any dispute with the renter that you will not know until the withdrawal of the vehicle! First, let’s distinguish the actors present on the internet and in particular. Which bring together loads of agency offers negotiated for their platform with partner agencies they are intermediate and sell according to their terms of use? Comparators (not always specialized in car rentals) that refer to the sites of their partners travel agency websites that have negotiated deals with partners and get paid on commission. The ideal before booking your car for your next vacation would be to visit at least one site in each category to evaluate the average prices for your request.

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The presence of the dedicated engines at car rental agencies

Private and brand dedicated engines at each car rental agency site whether it is a national or international rental agency is very common. This type of engine only submits the offers of its agencies in a given country the agency is your single point of contact and it is with it that you will pass the lease directly. The engines offer standard offers or any special offers only accessible by the agencies’ websites. These prices are not necessarily more expensive than those of intermediaries, but they may be much less interesting given the volumes that intermediate sites manage and the pressure on prices. We therefore note price variations of 20 to 40% in general, which is why a brand on its website or on a comparator site will not offer the same price at all while offering similar insurance.